The Darkness of Martial Law


The Southern provinces of Philippines, Malawi has been attacked by terrorist on Thursday. The attack has led at least 44 death involving government personnel and civilian. A priest and several Catholic have been taken a hostage by the ISIS linked militant called Maui. President Rodrigo Duterte has declared a Martial Law across southern regions and will be expanding the law throughout the country in order to protect people. Many observers believed on the imposition of Martial Law is similar to Marcos’s declaration of Martial Law in 1972 which drag the country into the darkness. President Duterte has often seemed to crave similar power as what Marcos did in his era. He has declared a Martial Law as part of the anti-drug campaign. In contrast, fifteen of 23 senators expressing support to Duterte for a declaration of Martial Law as satisfactory and accordance with the law.

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Marcos’s Proclamation No.1081

On September 21, 1972 President Marcos has signed a Proclamation No.1081 which recognized Martial Law as the highest constituency. The proclamation has placed the country under the absolute power of President who was to rule by decree. He assumes all power of government and authorized the military to arrest opposition personalities deemed part of the conspiracy to seize the power.


The media had shut down, the flight was cancelled and incoming call overseas were prohibited. Marcos did the massive clampdown of democratic institutions accompanied by the suspension of civil law and the extension of the military law to civilian. Martial Law officially ended on January 17, 1981 with Proclamation No.2045. It was a darkness of Philippines history in the hand of a dictator who holds the Martial Law.


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